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Nov 25, 2017

Good Stuff

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    Doing Some Things Right And Some Wrong, September 26, 2017

    By TimboSlice Games

    This review is from: Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 – Xbox One Standard Edition (Video Game)

    * Those buying for kids or as a gift, don’t forget that this isn’t the same as the normal Minecraft game. This is a story adventure where you are guided through, what is best described as, TV episodes while you choose different dialogue options for the protagonist.

    ** There are currently only a couple episodes out with more to come.

    Telltale games are some of my favorite adventures these days. Guardians of the Galaxy has been fun and Batman has been the most entertaining yet but Minecraft Season 2…not quite as much. I think there is a lot here for fans of the previous season or Minecraft, in general, but some aspects feel a little underwhelming. The game starts rather slow and it really weighs down on the game initially. However, the great voice acting is still there and those who loved the story from last season will be excited to see what is new in this chapter/episode. The action sequences show the most growth from the early episodes from last season and had me glued to the screen. These set pieces put more control in your hands which is a nice change of pace. The story will be the biggest thing to look forward to as the episodes come out. The developers said they wanted to make sure they added more choices that had weight and consequences. If that is capitalized on throughout the episodes, then I think this could make for a great season 2. Overall:

    +Action sequences are the standout moments
    +Voice acting continues to be great
    +The Minecraft universe has a lot of locations, characters and creatures to make the story continually fresh
    +I didn’t have any crashing issues or serious bugs
    -When the game slows down (usually to walk around) it really slows, and at times for too long
    -The music could be so much better throughout the episodes
    -Consequences and weight need to be added more to choices and ways the game goes

    Overall, I think that if you played the first season, it will be hard not to want to come back and continue from where the story left off. However, especially with all the other great Telltale games and others out there, I’m not sure you need to come back just yet. Perhaps wait until more episodes come out so your can knock them all out in one sitting. Episode 1 was surprising only just over an hour long and I hope to see this jump a lot more over the next few coming out.

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